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To use Expert Accounts you prepay the access fee, charged by user by day. You decide for how long time you want to pay. You can prepay once a minimum of 30 days.
An account has one company with all modules, plus 99 companies with accounting and payroll only.

Access fees for one account:

Prepaid access fee per user per day

0.55 USD

per user/day

16.5 USD for one user, 30 days

5% Discount

When you prepay 90 user days or more!

0.52 USD


15.68 USD for one user, 30 days

10% Discount

When you prepay 365 user days or more!

0.5 USD


14.85 USD for one user, 30 days

20% Discount

When you prepay 1200 user days or more!

0.44 USD


13.2 USD for one user, 30 days

45 Days FREE Access

Create your account now, free of charge and without obligation of payment when the trial period ends.
During the trial period, you can use all the features and get our free online technical support.

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One account owner can have one or more accounts. One account can have up to 100 companies.

Note: If you have already registered, and want to create a new company account, you don't need to register again. Please log in and create a new account from the admin page.

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