ExpertAccounts - The autopilot for your business

Times have changed.
Now you can use advanced technologies accessible until recently only to the largest.

Customer price and credit rules 
  • complex price rules and supply contracts
  • automation of advance payment policies, credit limits, payment terms, sales reps
  • automatic notifications for past due bills, exception authorization system
  • customer self-service - web portal where customers can see orders, invoices and payments
Logistics and inventory planning
  • projection of forecasted stocks, purchase orders based on sales forecasts and customer orders
  • automatically generated purchase orders for optimal stock, or dedicated (back-to-back) with stock reservation for customer order
  • automation of processes in the warehouse with Warehouse Management System (WMS) - from taking the order to delivery: receipt of goods, shelf placement, stock-take and delivery from the warehouse. 
  • automation of shops re-stock based on sales forecast and optimal stock, transfer control between stores by electronic receipt and differences tracking, minimum stock levels on stores
  • import bank account statements in accounting, from files exported by any bank worldwide- intelligent system to learn CSV / XLS / PDF file formats and the nature of transactions.
  • automatic generation of accounting records through Supervised Machine Learning: as it is used, the system learns to recognize new types of files and transactions, to determine the ledger accounts and to automatically generate the accounting notes
API integration with e-commerce platforms 
  • data is transmitted automatically - orders appear in ERP, stock and prices are updated online
  • orders are delivered from ExpertAccounts by barcode scanning (pick & pack) and the invoice and AWB are automatically generated
  • available for wooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, eMag, Autovit etc

e-Invoice Automation       
  • generate the e-Invoice XML in Peppol UBL format
  • complete information (order number, delivery note number etc) and all item codes (supplier code, customer code, EAN code, classification code)
  • upload sales invoices and download purchase invoices automatically via API
  • the RPA system ensures the automatic recording of e-purchase invoices received, and automatically generates GRN with data extracted from XML
  • sell the goods from the supplier's stock, through your online store 
  • the customer invoice is issued automatically, the invoice from the supplier is recorded automatically, only by checking the delivered orders and entering the purchase price
  • all accounting records are made automatically and you have records of the addition made and other sales analysis

API and Exchange Data Interfaces (EDI) integration
  • ExpertAccounts ERP connects via API to B2B platforms, to import and export of XML files, fully automated, for taking orders and sending invoices
  • import orders from CSV files and through the API
  • Automatic sending orders to suppliers via API
  • Import of bank account transactions into accounting, from any bank
  • import receipts of cash on delivery or card, from CSV files

With ERP ExpertAccounts you automate everything:

From the order received ...
  • Orders are received from sales reps (via mobile app) and from customers via API / EDI
  • Orders come automatically from the online store or Marketplaces 
  • Automatic invoicing of orders with a single click or at the end of the picking scan
... to control stocks and supply orders ...
  • Automatic purchase orders, based on minimum stock and customer orders
  • Reduce costs - maintain a lower level of inventory
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... when confirming the order in CRM ...
  • Telephone confirmation and modification of orders directly in the program (CRM add-on)
  • Communication history: who and when spoke to customers, what they discussed
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... until delivery  with WMS  by barcode scanning ...
  • Warehouse management with mobile devices and barcodes: scan at check-in, put-away on shelf, delivery (picking), truck loading verification
  • Deliver faster - the system shows the exact location in the warehouse of the products, package verification and AWB generation
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... and invoice with  its collection will be cash or card.
  • All accounting is done automatically, in real time
  • Your accountant generates tax returns online from ExpertAccounts

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