Grow and Control Your Business with Minimal Cost

Times have changed.
You no longer have to invest in software licenses and servers.
Your business can now use advanced technology available until recently only to the largest.

  • Cloud computing is the trend in IT and Expert Accounts is a cloud ERP, with the application and databases on multiple synchronized servers, located in different data-centers.
  • Instead of buying software and install it on your computer, sign up and use online Expert Accounts in your web browser, on any computer or tablet.
  • Thousands of users use the same application as you, but your database is private and accessible only to you.
  • The application constantly evolving - there are new features, improvements and reports - created based on the needs and experience of all users in your country.

Save money - no effort and no investment, just a small monthly expenditure.

  • You don't need to invest in IT anymore. No more computers upgrade, no more servers, no more fixed IP broadband, no more software licenses, no more system admin staff.
  • Your business IT requirement becomes a utility paid monthly like the electricity or internet access bill.
  • No more upgrades or software installation issues, just log-in from your favorite internet browser and you are ready to go.
  • Expert Accounts provide your company with the tools needed to keep track of your daily operations,expenses and inventory.
  • Cut learning time, so you will have more time for your business. Interactive tool-tips will guide you in case that you need any help.

Access the service from anywhere, any computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • The service allows you a greater independence than any computer-installed software.
  • Access your information in real time. Expert Accounts can be used from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Keep your accounting and view your reports from your office, home or when you travel.

Connect your business - all your outlets, branches and sales people - online, in real time.

  • With Expert Accounts your branches work online in real time, connecting your business.
  • Your branch user can enter all the branch documents from his location. These documents will be seen in real time by the headquarters staff, to offer an overview from the economic standpoint.
  • Connect your sales force with your business. The sales people can enter the sales and collections on their tablet to speed up the document tracking process and cash collection.

Quick start-up, minimal training - friendly interface with interactive tool-tips and hints.

  • Expert Accounts has everything preset for your business, with all operations work-flow.
  • The moment you sign up you are ready to go. The interactive tool-tips will help you start keeping your books without any learning curve.
  • Operations posting dialogs are customizable to fit your business needs.

No accounting knowledge needed - just enter your bills, checks, receipts and other basic documents.

  • Not everybody is an accountant, but with our service you can become one.
  • You don't need to learn and select accounts anymore. The powerful translators will put all your documents into accounting, no more guessing.
  • Just enter what you see written on your bills and other documents and our service will do the rest.

Your profit and money, in real time - the power of enterprise grade information technology at low cost.

  • View your sales and profit by location, invoice, item group, item code, customer, vendor, salesman. Have a tidy yet easy inventory stock management.
  • See the trend of your sales, profit and expenses on powerful charts and reports, showing their evolution by weeks, months, quarters and years.
  • Have an overview of your business status and productivity, see how you spend your money and who owes you.
  • Expert Accounts a powerful tool allowing any business to keep accounting inexpensive, easy and correct. Save money, run your business and let Expert Accounts do the accounting for you.

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